What is Vibroacoustic therapy – VAT?VAT (Vibroacoustic Therapy) is a deep tissue inner body massage in which, low sound frequencies in the range of 30 Hz – 120 Hz, are transmitted into the multiple body systems (nervous, skeleton muscular, blood) through transducers (low sound speakers) that are embedded in a furniture unit (bed, mattress, lounge, chair). The transducers convert the frequencies into vibrations and in fact, create internal body massage to organs, tissues, muscles and cells

Olav Skille has over thirty years of wisdom and knowhow in:

– Low Sound Frequency academic & applied research collaboration

– Therapeutic work with disabled children

– Therapeutic work with people with chronic diseaseThe researcher Olav Skille (a scientist, musician, therapist and educator) from Norway invented VAT 30 years ago.

Patients, therapists, academic research and applied research in the past 20 years, have reported the benefit of VAT:

Pain reduction/elimination Increases calmness & clarity of the mind Increase Attentiveness
Stress reduction/elimination A tool to minimize bad habits(obesity) Recharges Vitality
Muscle relief Insomnia reduction/elimination Assist cell metabolism process

– Training VAT to therapists around the world as an independent therapy or incorporated with physiotherapy, psychotherapy and alternative medicine.

– producing low sound frequencies solutions that reduce/eliminate pain, stress, insomnia, boost vitality and mind clarity with no chemicals involved.

Olav Skille’s main contribution to sound vibration medicine, is the idea and applications that in the range between 30hz and 120hz, a single frequency, can be converted into vibrations that are transmitted through transducers (speakers) in a furniture unit or device. The low sound vibrations, create – deep tissue inner body massage, that releases tension in organs, tissues and cells, assist cell metabolism, help blood circulation and balance mental and physical systems.

Olav Skille focuses in inner body vibrations based on low sound frequencies, WITHOUT addition of audio music input transmitted through the system or via earphone. Olav Skille’s frequencies imitate the basic frequencies we all experienced in our mother’s womb. This experience of generic feeling of protection, love, care and the ability to grow, which is embedded in our cellular memory, is revived by a VAT treatment. (Regression to uterus)

The frequencies not only reduce pain and stress in the whole- or in different parts of the body but also, are powerful therapeutic tools to reduce depression, anxiety, stress induced obesity and addiction.



session time topic description focus
1 45 minutes General introduction presentation Overview presentation about VAT Who can benefit from a VAT treatment?
2 20 minutes What is SilentSoundSpace The physical space for optimized usage  
  25 minutes Preparation and therapist/client interaction before , during, and after a VAT treatment Procedures & setup
3 45 minutes Stress/Pain Red, Yellow, Brown, Case studies and personal feedback
4 45 minutes Stress/Pain Green, Violet frequencies ,Orange, Blue Case studies and personal feedback
5 45 minutes SilentSoundSpace within you Red as a basic frequency for self management tool Experiential session
6 45 minutes What is mental and physical balance with VAT Discussion of body mind balance Preventive approach,Acute /chronic approach
7 45 minutes Applications for symptoms & illnesses Personalized treatment with VAT Whole body – reduce stress & pain, recharge vitality

The seminar is based on Skype platform and web, the cost is $350 per user per computer ($50 per 45 sessions x 7)

Olav Skille 7 basic frequencies – $510

VAT Sound System includes: Portable massage table

with high fidelity Vibro Sensory Stimulation package,

built in amplifier and Blue Tooth connectivity. $1499.00

Case studies from US & Canada