Add this system to any furniture to create the ultimate sensory nest

The SSD522NEO System provides everything you need to energize your furniture into an Entertaining, and Healthy Multi-Sensory Experience.

Over 40 years of research and development brings this technology used by Disney, Universal Studios, and many military simulators, from Jets to Tanks,

Into your living room.

Many Clinical Studies show that the right kind of vibratory stimulation can have profound effects on our health. From improving blood flow, reducing stress, both mental and physical, reducing pain by stimulating the natural pain centers of the brain, muscle relaxation and even increasing Bone and Muscle Mass with NASA tested frequencies.

Our Multi-Sensory Stimulation System provides True Sine Wave excitation, shown to be the most effective and healthy form of vibration, and can be added to most furniture in minutes.

The Bluetooth connection allows your smart device to supply both the media supplied, and the volume or amount of stimulation presented.

You will want to play your whole music list through this New Found Sensory Experience.

This same system will produce your music in a live concert like effect, drawing you into the music for meditative sessions or invigorating, for that front row rock concert feeling.

Just use your smart device to connect to YouTube to add visual content for almost unlimited media and hundreds of live concert videos. Explore the meditation and Solfeggio compositions presented in a Multi-Sensory Stimulation format.

This system can also be connected to your TV to FEEL an F-16 being launched off the carrier deck or riding the speeders flying through the forest

The next best thing to being there.


Neodymium Magnets

The use of Rare Earth mantic materials provides the power needed to energize most types of furniture, without using large, high wattage amplifiers.

Coil Driven

These Drivers use the same technology found in High End speakers to produce True Sine-Wave, Musical vibration to almost any article

Magnetic Mounting

These same Rare Earth Magnets allow mounting the Drivers to your favorite chair or couch in a matter of minutes..

Bluetooth Connected Amplifier

Small 200 Watt amp provides plenty of power to the drivers to energize most articles. Bluetooth connectivity allows the use of any Smart Device to control the media content and volume adjustment..

SSD522NEO Complete System

Includes: 2 ea. SSD522NEO drivers with Magnetic Mounting, 200Watt Bluetooth connected amplifier Handheld wireless remote, Koss Titanium Pro Head Phones with volume control and Head Phone amplifier.


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