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The NEW Hifi Wellness HiFiVibe Anti Gravity Chair was very popular!!

These 2 chairs were occupied through most of the conference! The most common response was that the sensation was very relaxing and reduced stress in a “matter of seconds”.

Many people reported a reduction in pain including the person in the center who was experiencing back pain and happens to be pregnant. She was back in the chair shortly after this picture was taken as her previous session had relieved much of the back pain from sitting in regular hotel conference chair.

The sensation is safe for her and her baby because this is low level vibrational excitation using clinically identified natural sine wave frequencies and music. My wife used this technology during 3 pregnancies to alleviate lower back pain and quell kicking babies, in the womb, using classical music, as the Multi Sensory media source. Our daughters are very healthy and have perfect pitch.

To hear them sing together is a rare treat!

Utilizing the new Enviro System to energize the chairs is a very effective way of adding High Fidelity, True Sine wave Multi Sensory Stimulation to your practice or for personal use.

Purchase any of our systems and receive sound files via e-mail. Download to your Smart Device to provide a Blue Tooth signal to the amplifier. Send wireless signals for clinically identified frequencies that have been shown to: Increase Blood Flow, Reduce Hypertension, Muscle Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Pulmonary Clearing, Pain Reduction, Lymphatic Cleansing, Clear Peripheral Neuropathies, Reestablish Connection Between Brain Hemispheres, and NASA approved frequencies for increasing Bone and Muscle Mass.

Use your favorite Music to create the ultimate Sensory Immersion experience. Connect to YouTube to relive that front row seat experience at your favorite concert.

Studies have shown that using music can be a very powerful tool to amoreliate the negative effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The addition of 4 more sensory inputs shows promise to create a lasting effect.

And it all starts with this little Neodymium powered driver

Limited Time Offer

Vibration Healing Master Education Program

This course details the history and use of Vibration for mediating health issues. At 93 pages, this course covers the evolution and future of using specific, True Sine Wave Frequencies as an Alternative Health Care medium. Explore the Past, Current and Future technologies used to create Vibrational Frequencies for Alternative Health Care. Extensive comparisons of Intrusive vs Non-Intrusive devices. Complete guide to using current technologies for personal use and in Alternative Health Care Practices. A $250.00 value, priced for a limited time, at $49.99, as an introduction to offer this Future Health Care Paradigm Shift to a larger audience. This PDF file is for reading only, but a word document is available to complete a Certified, SST (Sensory Stimulation Technologist) training at additional cost.


HiFiVibe TM

In concordance with my patent attorney, Mark Levy, who uses the technology described on these pages to ameliorate pain and tension, I hereby incorporate the above Trade Mark as a descriptor for said technology.

DM12 This was composed on a Behringer Deepmind 12 synthesizer and is best experienced on HiFi Wellness activated furniture and massage tables.


Clinical trial showing the positive effects of using VAT (Vibro Acoustic Therapy) at a specific frequency for relieving pain associated with Fibromyalgia.

74% reduced pain medication.  26% quit taking pain meds.

A site dedicated to reducing hearing loss.   See bottom of page for link to H.E.A.R and other featured links. Or click here:

New VSST Specifications

upgrade to VSST (Vibro Sensory Stimulation Table)  package.  LG 10 Android Tablet with pre-loaded Hetrodyne Healing Frequencies, Tactile Compositions produced with Violin and Deepmind 12 Synthesizer , Classical, Solfeggio Meditation Music, Chacra Tuning, and some good old Rock and Roll.

Complete, portable, Bluetooth connected “Plug and Play” system with high fidelity SSD522NEO Sensory Stimulation Drivers, on board 200 Watt Tri-Path amplifier, lightweight Pro headphones with separate volume.  Just plug into any 120VAC wall socket, connect to Bluetooth and start music player.

Experience total immersion in entertaining and healthy sound albumartwaves.



Great website for Royal Rife Frequencies and Equipment  Using the combination of pathogen destructive frequencies followed by healing frequencies may offer a powerful alternative to allopathic  medicine.

Take a look at this website for other useful information on combating disease.

Now offering an affordable way to own a VSST.

Check out with PayPal and choose Bill Me Later. Subject to credit approval. See Terms.

HiFi Wellness, LLC.

Vibro Tactile Stimulation

In the late 1800’s a French scientist identified vibrations now revisited to mediate the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease.

In the 60’s the Beach Boy’s sang of Good Vibrations and the audience caught the vibe and reveled in the feeling. This iconoclastic music composition may one day be the key to re-mediating the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s .

During the 80’s and to present Olav Skille, a Swedish scientist, and recent HiFi Wellness collaborator has clinically identified specific vibratory frequencies to relieve pain, stress and muscle tension, improve circulation, and a number of other human maladies. This work continues today with the use of his and other .clinically proven vibrational frequencies Further, studies show that music presented in vibratory format can inherently contain identified healing frequencies and also provide entertaining, physiological and psychological benefits as identified by studies at Life Vessel utilizing their $100K sound enclosure.

Current applications of safe, non-invasive, high fidelity, (VSS Vibro Sensory Stimulation) demonstrate levels of effectiveness that are superior to TENS (Transcuetaneous Electro Neural Stimulation) and EMS (Electro Muscle stimulation)i technologies.

Further studies may show that VSS is as effective as HFS in alleviating symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Hifi Wellness Llc. manufactures high fidelity vibrational devices to provide clinically identified high fidelity vibration in traditional and medical furniture. The “heart” of this design, integrates high fidelity, broadband, vibrational transducers utilized in diverse applications from military simulation, attractions at Disney and Universal Studios to high end home theaters and in a slightly different rendition, underwater speakers utilized by the Olympic Synchronized Swim Team.

The use of these powerful transducers creates the required amplitude, frequency response and fidelity to provide an exhilarating and healing physical sensation that can be characterized for any identified healing frequency and musical counterpart.

The current platform, the VSST (Vibro Sensory Stimulation Table) is a Blue Tooth wireless connected, portable, professional massage table with integrated broadband high fidelity vibration transducers, Tri-Path, audiophile quality, multi-channel amplifier . This “plug and play” device is capable of producing all know clinically proven vibrational frequencies and music either separately or synergistically to provide an unmatched “high energy” experience. This is due to the fact that virtually all other technologies utilize modified speakers or “toy” quality vibrators to produce the vibrational effect.

Thank you for your time in reading this and please let me know how I may be of further service.


Tom Fenner

HiFi Wellness, Llc.



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