As an introduction,  I began inventing things, that solved what I perceived as problems, in the 3rd grade. That quest has continued to this day and this web site exists to provide a platform for exploring and promoting the use of vibration as a healing medium, utilizing one of my inventions that I’am very passionate about .

I built the first prototype of a tactile sound transducer in the late 70’s.  The original problem that I was seeking to solve was a high frequency hearing loss from listening to loud music.  At that time, and probably worse now, over 80% of young adults (under 20) had already sustained a measurable and permanent high frequency hearing loss.

I only know this because I performed thousands of hearing tests over a 2.5 year period for Colorado Hearing and Speech and did analog compiling of data for thousands more.  I believed then, as I still do, that there is a safe way to experience the vibrational signature of musical instruments, voice, sound effects and true sine wave vibration with out destroying our ears.

As my long time friend Diane points out in the comment section below, from the humble, yet still cool, beginnings of modifying “Chevy Moon hubcaps” for use in waterbeds which eventually led to the development of the only underwater speaker approved for Olympic Synchronized Swim Team events.

Then on to many more modifications which resulted in a high fidelity tactile transducer used by: Disney, Universal studios, multiple types of military simulators from space craft to jeeps, Lockheed Martin,  high end home theater demo’s at CES with Runco using JBL Synthesis and Krell , every good drummer as a drum throne monitor, tactile floors for blind, deaf, autistic and ADHD individuals at Tennessee School for the Blind,

vibe-o-thonVibeothon: Low SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Live band rock concert in San Fran (Thanks Kathy Peck) with 40×40 ft. dance floor…most profitable fundraiser of that year for non-profit HEAR (Hearing Education Awareness for Rockers)  CES1997 Innovations Award,  Kinescape; 14′ geodesic dome, relined seating for up to 8 people with laser light show and tactile sound, complete sensory immersion,  CES1998…very popular, most people wanted to stay for another showing,  but the line of people behind them dictated otherwise, underwater symphony hot tubs, redwood deck installation at local popular bar improved fidelity and eliminated noise ordinance violations……

Forced hiatus from this endeavor ensued in 2000…original patent runs out 2013.

A few years back, I ran into some studies done by a Swedish scientist, Olav Skille, which to my great relief and experiential research, showed that vibrating in a correct fashion is in fact quite healthy.

 This sparked my interest in developing a product to deliver  a viable rendition of  Olav’s frequency observations coupled with the work done with Dr. Charles Butler on Physio-acoustics… in a portable, “plug and play” device.

What you will experience while lying on one of my Vibro Sensory Stimulation tables is a culmination of  years of experience integrating broadband vibration drivers into every imaginable device. I have also utilized the tables as a keyboard bench/ tactile monitor, to produce tactile compositions on a Korg Triton III synthesiser and violin.

The new interface is Bluetooth which puts wireless media at your finger tips for producing music, healing frequencies or watching movies on You Tube to add tactile, haptic and kinesthetic sensory inputs to whatever medium you choose.

 What I find ironic about this is that when you are in contact with any of the devices I have built over the years, is that they overcome hearing loss through bone conduction.   So those 80% of young adults that are now boomers can “re-experience” the live concert effect with out the damaging aspects of high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and use another frequency for stress and pain reduction and yet another to increase bone and muscle mass. How does it get any better than this?  (Yes it will stimulate those parts too).

Today, I have many therapists and private individuals who are enjoying the benefits of entertaining health and wellness. I hope that you find the time to read through the information here but more importantly, get on one of my tables for an experience that is at once entertaining and in the short and long run healthy.

 Take a look around the blog and you will find many resources and information on the healing and entertainment aspects of using what I now call  VSS (Vibro Sensory Stimulation).

2018 and a new Sensory Stimulation Driver is available for sale on this site.

Improved performance with NEO, smaller, more cost effective.

Please let me know how I may be of further service.


Looking UP,

Thomas Clark Fenner