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DM12 This was composed on a Behringer Deepmind 12 synthesizer and is best experienced on HiFi Wellness activated furniture and massage tables.


This recording was composed and played on a Korg Triton III synthesiser using a VSS portable massage table as a tactile monitor/keyboard bench.

Provides Audio, Tactile, Haptic, Kinesthetic and bone conduction sensory stimulation when played back through VSS table and using stereo headset.




I created a sound program that addresses the lymphatic system. I just used it for about 4 minutes. Result – my resting heart rate was 40 this morning, my legs felt like they didn’t weigh anything, my shoes were filled with helium. My warm-up mile this morning tied for all time low heart rate. Yesterday was an all-time high. I drove my heart rate to 162 and then recovered to 92 in less than 2 minutes today. Can you tell I’m excited?? I feel like I have hope again, that I might be able to run.

Tom, you got to try Lymphatic program (42 hertz)! It is amazing!!

The table has had a pronounced effect on Kari. I have been working on her for over 9 years. Usually I have to use three different technologies so that I can get deep enough. Last night Kari used the table and then I worked on her in the morning. I went directly as deep as I could on her gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. No yelps, no pain. It was amazing. There were no trigger points, no gristle, nothing anywhere including her sit bones. Really amazing. However on the front side of her body there was some tightness, so she currently lying face down on the table. We will see what happens there.

For me this morning, it felt like my legs were new, like there wasn’t any resistance in the muscles when I ran. Very different feeling.

Dwight Cornwell

NASA Study for Reducing Osteoporosis

NASA-funded scientists suggest that astronauts might prevent bone loss by standing on a lightly vibrating plate for 10 to 20 minutes each day. Held down with the aid of elastic straps, the astronauts could keep working on other tasks while they vibrate.

The same therapy, they say, might eventually be used to treat some of the millions of people who suffer from bone loss, called osteoporosis, here on Earth.

“The vibrations are very slight,” notes Stefan Judex, assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, who worked on the research. The plate vibrates at 90 Hz (1 Hz = 1 cycle per second), with each brief oscillation imparting an acceleration equivalent to one-third of Earth’s gravity. “If you touch the plate with your finger, you can feel a very slight vibration,” he added. “If you watch the plate, you cannot see any vibration at all.”
Although the vibrations are subtle they have had a profound effect on bone loss in laboratory animals such as turkeys, sheep, and rats.

In one study (published in the October 2001 issue of The FASEB Journal), only 10 minutes per day of vibration therapy promoted near-normal rates of bone formation in rats that were prevented from bearing weight on their hind limbs during the rest of the day. Another group of rats that had their hind legs suspended all day exhibited severely depressed bone formation rates — down by 92% — while rats that spent 10 minutes per day bearing weight, but without the vibration treatment, still had reduced bone formation — 61% less.

These results show that the vibration treatment maintained normal bone formation rates, while brief weight bearing did not.

 The health benefits of Vibro Sensory Stimulation (VSS) are starting to be recognized by the general population. Studies over the last couple of decades have shown that specific frequencies can be supplied in a tactile format that have very profound effects on various human malodies.

In the following clinical trial it has been discovered that VSS can reverse the uniformly accepted understanding that we loose muscle mass as we age.  This is due to a usually more sedentary life style as we begin to experience the side effects of growing old, less energy, muscle stiffness, arthritic pains and so on.

Now us Baby Boomers  have a new technology to play with that might possibly reverse a number of physical health issues normaly associated with growing older..

Impact of whole-body vibration training versus fitness training on muscle strength and muscle mass in older men: a 1-year randomized controlled trial.

Bogaerts A, Delecluse C, Claessens AL, Coudyzer W, Boonen S, Verschueren SM.


Division of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Tervuursevest 101, Leuven, Belgium.



This randomized controlled study investigated the effects of 1-year whole-body vibration (WBV) training on isometric and explosive muscle strength and muscle mass in community-dwelling men older than 60 years.


Muscle characteristics of the WBV group (n = 31, 67.3 +/- 0.7 years) were compared with those of a fitness (FIT) group (n = 30, 67.4 +/- 0.8 years) and a control (CON) group (n = 36, 68.6 +/- 0.9 years). Isometric strength of the knee extensors was measured using an isokinetic dynamometer, explosive muscle strength was assessed using a counter movement jump, and muscle mass of the upper leg was determined by computed tomography.


Isometric muscle strength, explosive muscle strength, and muscle mass increased significantly in the WBV group (9.8%, 10.9%, and 3.4%, respectively) and in the FIT group (13.1%, 9.8%, and 3.8%, respectively) with the training effects not significantly different between the groups. No significant changes in any parameter were found in the CON group.


WBV training is as efficient as a fitness program to increase isometric and explosive knee extension strength and muscle mass of the upper leg in community-dwelling older men. These findings suggest that WBV training has potential to prevent or reverse the age-related loss in skeletal muscle mass, referred to as sarcopenia.

[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

HiFi Wellness manufactures completely self contained  portable high fidelity Vibro Sensory Stimulation (VSS) Massage tables.  The VSS system can also be integrated in other types of furniture. Truly plug and play with on-board  class “T” high fidelity amplifier, Bluetooth receiver and high fidelity tactile transducers.

High Fidelity Tactile Sound

Portable VibroAcoustic Massage Table

Plug it in, pair and connect to any Bluetooth enabled device, slip on the provided headphones and play your favorite music or clinically identified healing frequencies . Immerse yourself into a musical massage that brings back memories of rock concerts of old without the damaging effects on your hearing from high volume levels.

Contact: Tom Fenner




NASA Frequency

This frequency has been identified by NASA to increase bone mass when presented in a tactile format. Also stimulates natural endorphins Works well on the VSS Vibro Sensory Stimulation Table

“Space Crickets”  demo from HiFi Wellness Healing Media.  This sample was recorded using a high fidelity Vibro-Sensory Stimulation monitor and is best played on Vibro-Sensory Stimulation Massage tables.

The most frequent response from people who experience time on the Vibro Sensory Stimulation Massage table is how pleasurable and relaxing the affect is.

Being immersed in waves of sound has an almost immediate effect of escape from reality, cares and pain melt away and are replaced by a sense of euphoria and well being. The brain and body take a recess from everyday stress facilitated by the entraining and soothing vibration which relaxes every tense muscle.

One of the goals of HiFi Wellness is to continue to provide this experience to a wider audience. Please feel free to pass this along to others you think might benefit from this non-invasive health and wellness technolgy.


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