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SSD522neoNP w amp

Add this Multi Sensory Stimulation System technology to any furniture.

True high fidelity, high energy Tactile, Haptic, kinesthetic, bone conduction and audio  turns your couch into a sound nest.

Experience front seat at the concert sensory immersion at low volume levels… on your own couch .   Feel the musicians sensory excitation, like standing in front of a speaker stack, crisp, clear, clean guitar notes resonating through their body. Or every note of an acoustic guitar resonating through your chair like a musical massage.

The physical relationship of a violinist with the auditory, bone conduction, tactile and kinesthetic sensory stimulation emanating from the instrument… recreated in your favorite couch and then the Star Wars, gyromagnetic speeders in the forest and we are on them… in our love seat.

NASA uses vibration to increase bone and muscle mass in weightless environments,  these frequencies can be produced…in my chair

Clinically identified healing frequencies can be downloaded from Hifi Wellness and can be administered…..in my chair or shared… on the couch

Technology is very pretty these days…With over 40 years of experience in sensory stimulation drivers and systems, HiFi Wellness prefers function over form or maybe semi-industrial, is a better term, all with a 1 year limited warranty.  The system is modular, so if one part fails it can be replaced in a matter of minutes.

The technology represented includes high mass, Kapton Coil actuated drivers,  52 MGO neodymium magnets provide ultra high magnetic force and provides for mounting to most articles.  3D  printed driver shells transfer high energy, high fidelity sensory stimulus through most furniture providing tactile, haptic, kinesthetic, bone conduction and audio stimulation.

Drivers attach to metal frame members in furniture in seconds and to most wood frame furniture in minutes via magnetic mounting. The SSD522neo driver can be attached to any wooden cross member with the supplied hardware.

200 Watt digital amplifier with Bluetooth, optical, RCA, 3.5 mm front jack, connectivity. IR remote with volume control, input switching, EQ settings. Over sized power supply for high fidelity head room and cool operation.

Once drivers are mounted, plug into wall receptacle, pair to Bluetooth or connect to your TV via optical input and play your favorite music or download the HiFi Wellness clinically identified healing frequencies or connect to You Tube and add video.

System provides true sign wave excitation to most articles, may be placed on body or under cushions, water bed mattresses, attached to flooring, risers, car seats and floors. Decks and hot tubs.

Submersible drivers coming …stay tuned.

Transform something you already have into a multi sensory stimulation retreat in five easy steps:

1. Magnetically mount driver directly to metal frame in furniture or attach to wood cross members with supplied mounting magnet and wood screw  and then magnetically mount driver to bottom of furniture.

2. Plug in.

3. Pair and connect to Bluetooth on smart device.

4. Enjoy multi sensory stimulation connected to your smart device or Bluetooth connected  smart TV or use the optical input to connect to most TV’s.

Add high output, high fidelity Sensory Stimulation to your favorite chair , sofa or lounge with this complete system. Includes 2ea SSD522NEO drivers, power supply and Bluetooth connected 200 Watt amplifier.

Installation is simple with magnetic mounting, just couple to any metal surface and plug in system for unmatched sensory immersion. Once drivers are installed, pair to on board Bluetooth receiver to begin enjoying Sensory Stimulation immersion.

Coupling to wood is simple with supplied center drilled mounting magnet and  beefy Phillips  head wood screw to secure to wood frame or cross member (pre drilling  recommended) allows quick attachment to wooden cross members.

HiFi Wellness Recliner

SSD522NEO System Installed in recliner

Experience Sensory Immersion.

SSD522NEO system

2 ea HiFi Wellness SSD522NEO Sensory Stimulation Drivers, power supply, 200 Watt amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless remote. Magnetic mounting.


Multifaceted Tactile Sound

Originally conceived in the late “70’s” as a way to prevent hearing loss without losing the feel, high fidelity tactile sound has been used by the military for recreating the vibrational signature for air craft and ground vehicle virtual training in million dollar F-18A, Apache helicopter and Bradley tank multimedia simulators.  Also used to add multi-sensory integration at Disney and Universal Studios theme parks, ultra high end home theaters and automotive applications. Used for vibration phase cancellation at Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility and in Boeing jetliner museum to recreate actual taxi and flight sensations in a grounded aircraft.

Currently being used as a tool to work with behavior modification programs at public schools.  Tennessee School for the Blind has been using a tactile sound floor for over 15 years as a tool for behavior modification and communication.  The Olympic Synchronized Swim Team and Cirque de Soleil uses yet another derivation of this design to provide under water sound to its under water ballerina’s and to provide a music massage in hot tubs.

I have personally witnessed a woman delivered from the grasp of Alzheimer’s just by listening to old music in one of my high fidelity tactile sound chairs.

Many studies have been done on the healing and restorative aspects of VAT (Vibro Acoustic Therapy). I have listed a number of these studies on this site under Clinical Trials and have recently begun collaboration with Swedish scientist Olav Skille, a pioneer in the science of Vibro Acoustic Therapy.  A number of these studies are peer reviewed and found on the pubmed.gov  website.

All this from a concept meant to prevent hearing loss, entertain, simulate reality and stimulate the senses.

As I hone my social media skills to see what is the best way to get the word out I will keep this blog updated to reflect those discoveries.

Here’s to a new journey,

Tom Fenner



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