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Using specific vibrations for remediating health issues has been around for over 100 years. Vibration has been used as a healing medium starting in the late 1800’s in the form of an archaic hand-cranked vibration chair to imitate the vibrational signature of a horse drawn carriage pulled over a cobblestone road, to relieve the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease.

Later devices implemented this discovery, using different types of vibrators, to create the “Magic Fingers” beds, found in better hotels throughout the country, decades ago. For a quarter you could experience the stress reducing effect for a number of minutes, to help you sleep or enhance other prone and supine activities. This evolved into lazy Boy recliners with motorized eccentric weights, Shiatsu massage chairs, with a similar technology, but also  adding mechanical, pain-inducing fingers, running up and down your spine.

In a slightly different modality, a Whole Body Vibration machine uses a wobbling plate that you stand on to induce vibration through your whole body, claiming increased muscle mass, and even improved vestibular health to improve balance in geriatric communities, which is FDA approved

Untoward Effects of Previous Technologies

Recent studies have shown that long term use of Whole Body Vibration technology causes damage to all of the joints in the body, due to vertical weight loading of these joints and the high amplitude vibration causing a constant loading and unloading or “hammering” of these fragile parts of our anatomy.

Other devices, such as TENS units (Transcutaneous Electro Neural Stimulation)  have been designed to create electrical pulses coursing through our bodies, to make our muscles vibrate in an unnatural manner, also FDA approved.  If you subscribe to the notion of the “Body Electric”, you can start to understand the long term implications affecting our heart rhythms and brain waves.

More recent devices use low frequency pulsed EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) or radio waves, to increase blood flow. With these devices you are essentially laying on a radio antenna that produces low frequency pulses through your whole body.  In that we are constantly being exposed to radio waves from our cell phone, TV and radio signals and now the 5G technology, it would stand to reason that exposing ourselves to these radio waves, in close proximity and high amplitude, may create yet another attack on our bodies defenses.

The original Tesla, not the car, recognized this inherent danger and used Faraday cages, a wire mesh enclosure, to shield himself from the radio waves created by his own inventions, starting with his invention of AC (Alternating Current) which pulses 60 Hz radio waves throughout our own households.  Of course living in a wire cage does not seem to be a reasonable endeavor, so new devices have emerged, including shielded clothing, and Earth Grounding Mats to protect ourselves from these radio waves. Also whole house devices can  absorb these waves with a large coil, at a much higher cost. These coils were also in Tesla’s expertise in that a Tesla Coil can produce up to a million volts of electric energy and shoot lightning bolts to HANDHELD, neon (Plasma)  light tubes, causing them to light up.   

Royal Raymond Rife utilized specific frequencies presented through a plasma tube (still radio waves) to destroy different types of cancer in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. You can still buy a modern version of his technology, but in many cases, these utilize hand held electrodes to administer his frequencies, thus reverting back to the “Body Electric” issues.  Rife’s frequencies were very specific to different types of cancer and there is some contention about being able to exactly replicate the frequencies he produced due to the inaccuracy of the measurement devices he used back in his day.  

Consider for yourself, which of these devices you would like to implement in your health routine to improve quality of life. There are certainly many companies building them and the offerings on Amazon alone will definitely proclaim their effectiveness and list many glowing testimonies and even clinical studies to “prove” their claims.

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 True Sine Wave Vibration

What is a True Sine Wave? 

Remember the first time you threw a rock in a pond?

The resulting ripples are a visual representation of a True Sine Wave Vibration.

As opposed to relying upon hand cranked, wobble plates, irritating eccentric motor driven vibrators, square wave electronics (pulsed on and off), more radio wave fields also known as radiation and wearing wire mesh clothing, Dr. Olaf Skill discovered that using standard loudspeakers in a message table and presenting them in a physical format (loud enough to create a physical sensation) he was able to remediate many human malodies.   What was the difference? Loudspeakers use a coil driven technology to provide sound in its natural wave state or a True Sine Wave. The resulting ripples are a visual representation of a True Sine Wave.

Over the years there have been many attempts at replacing the speakers with something more efficient (quieter) and easier to incorporate into furniture or massage tables.  The Roland Star transducer developed in the early 1960’s was one such device, it used a moving coil as its main source of excitation, but replaced the paper cone of a speaker with a screw mounted diaphragm. It was used quite extensively to convert standard “drywall” into a speaker, as you can imagine the sound quality was not fantastic, although there are still companies today trying to make this work, I used 3 of these devices, mounted in a Chevy Moon hubcap, to create my first waterbed transducer in 1978.  The effect was exhilarating and feeling the music at a low volume level was my first entry into creating a new form of entertainment known as Tactile Sound. Unfortunately, these small devices would not tolerate the high wattage of my old Pioneer SX1250, so I abandoned this design and started down a long path of trying to build a device of my own that would present this new sensation at a more reliable level. I really liked the form factor of that old hubcap and it is still represented in the devices currently being manufactured.

Here is a picture of the progression of this device through the years

The first transducer on the left was my first attempt at replacing the Roland Stars and I had it in my waterbed for many years and it worked great and I even built a waterproof version of this used by Synchronized swim teams for underwater sound. 

What is Multi Sensory Stimulation?

When properly installed, Sensory Stimulation Drivers (SSD’s) excite five different sensory inputs simultaneously.

Why is this important? 

When we are able to activate five different sensory receptors in the brain with the same information or synchronicity, both hemispheres are equally excited and the synaptic response or electrical impulses between the two can be restored.  

When the stimulus is music, many more receptors in the brain are engaged with multiple frequencies and the important aspects of memory function comes into play. This synchronicity can be very effective in mediating dementia-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, which are caused by the breakdown of communication between the brain hemispheres. 


Tactile sensation or sound:  

Tactile is the sense of touch, found predominantly in our hands, fingertips, toes, feet, tongue and even sexual parts.Most people can sense frequencies from 1 Hz, earthquake range,  all the way up to 3000 Hz, which includes most musical instruments and much of the human vocal range.  Hearing-impaired or deaf individuals can feel up to 5000 Hz.

Haptic Cues: 

The range of haptic frequencies is in the very-low-frequency range, typically below 100 Hz.  This sensation can best be described as hitting a pothole, or in the case of a military simulator, the landing gear locking into place. This “seat of the pants” experience that may not be audible but is certainly palpable.  Riding a Harley Hog most certainly falls into this category, but also falls into the audible range.

Kinesthetic Sound: 

This experience involves the body as a whole, the brain included, and while we can feel many frequencies this way, a whole new healing realm opens up when we explore the use of higher, non-tactile frequencies and can visualize the predominance of waveforms in a liquid media via Cymatics. This whole body excitation will become more relevant when we look at using higher frequencies for healing at the molecular level such as the 528 Hz frequency which has been shown to be the resonant frequency of DNA and can reorganize the helix in damaged DNA.

A commonly used frequency, 68 Hz stimulates the natural endogenous opiate zones of the brain and can be very effective in reducing symptoms of chronic pain.

Bone Conduction: 

Described as the second pathway to hearing, it is used in audiological exams to determine whether a hearing loss is mechanical, (e.g.) damage to the ossicles, tympanic membrane or oval window, or neurological damage to the nerve endings surrounding the cochlea.    

We hear ourselves through bone conduction, which is why when we playback a recording of our own voice it sounds foreign. If we play back our recorded voice through a multi-sensory stimulation device it sounds natural.  Imagine hearing Pavarotti through one of these devices. We would experience how he heard his own voice in producing this marvelous sound.

This feature also overcomes hearing loss in most individuals in that it bypasses the normal audio pathway and directly stimulates the nerves associated with hearing.  This effect can be recreated in your Lazy Boy recliner and also provides tactile and haptic feedback for the speeders in Star Wars when connected to your movie sound system.

Low Sound Pressure Level Audio

The drivers, by themselves, do not create a lot of sound, they are specifically designed to transfer vibration to whatever they are attached to.  But, if you attach one to a 4×8 piece of plywood you are effectively creating a much larger vibrating surface area that produces a decent air sound transmission.

When all five of these senses are excited at the same time we call this an immersive sound experience. This is a great way to listen to your meditative music or re-experience that old rock concert, just like sitting in the front row.  Even TED talks are enhanced as multiple sections of the brain are stimulated and therefore memory retention should be improved.

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Effects of different frequencies.

Olav Skille, Inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy, Norway

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) = Whole Body Low Frequency Sound Massage

Practical work with VAT started in Norway 1980. Spread to USA and European countries by 1984. VAT and Olav Skille is widely referred to on Internet web sites, both in reports and in reference tables.

Skille observed that sound has these general effects on humans, from any race or culture.

• Low frequencies induce relaxation

• Rhythm creates vigor

• High volume creates aggression

• Harmonics create harmony

• Monotony creates a meditative condition

Experience based effective frequencies:

1. 40 Hz increases blood circulation, vasodilation and is spasmolytic

2. 50 Hz clears airways. Positive effect on asthma, bronchitis, etc

3. 52 Hz reduces menstrual pains. Low back pains in general.

4. 68 Hz reduces neck/shoulder pains and muscle tensions.

5. 86 Hz Beneficial for headache, migraine, and brain-related issues

Dr. Charles Butler Frequencies

Psychoacoustics:    Dr Butler is a thoracic surgeon from Grand Rapids, Michigan and has identified healing frequencies and patented the method for producing them, referencing the transducers we developed as the preferred embodiment.Spastic Conditions 40-60 Hz

Premenstrual Tension ~50 Hz

Back Pain ~50 Hz

Asthmatic Conditions 40-70 Hz

Sports 40-60 Hz

Muscle Cramps and Pain 40-90 Hz

Different Stress Problems 40-70 Hz

Insomnia 40-70 Hz

Rheumatic Conditions 40-90 Hz

Frozen hand and feet 40-60 Hz

Headache 60-90 Hz

Multiple Sclerosis 40-60 Hz

The brain generates oscillating waves at 40 Hz, with a small variation between individuals. Using the “resonance theory” one would wish to set up a resonance between the vibratory elements and the subject’s brain. The sine wave stimulation program passing through each vibratory element may scan between 39 and 41 Hz. The effect of this scanning is the ability to achieve a resonance frequency for more treated subjects.

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