Many people have asked what are the differences between Vibration Platforms used at health clubs and private homes and the vibrations provided by HiFiVibe Driver Systems.

Here is a comparison of the systems.

HiFi Vibe Driver SystemWhole Body Vibration Platform
Frequency Response: 1 Hz to 20 KHz
(20,000 Hz)
Select either: 35 Hz, 45 Hz or 50 Hz. High end unit is adjustable from 35 Hz to 50 Hz
Vibration Type: Coil driven, True Sine WaveVariable Speed eccentric weight
Human Interface: Zero Gravity Chair, Massage table, or your own furnitureStand or sit on hard platform, may have hand rail.
User Controls: Bluetooth connected Smart Device,
Clinically Identified Healing
frequencies e-mailed for use on your own tablet or cell phone and all of your music will work with the System.
Dials to control frequency, amplitude and time
Portability: Under 20 Lbs. Including ZG ChairStarts at 36 Lbs. high-end units 368 Lbs.
Vibrational Force: Up to 5 G’s1.8 G’s to 6.4 G’s depending on model
Skeletal Loading: Evenly distributed across entire body with no pressure points. ZG chair can be adjusted to any sitting or reclining angle for comfort. You can sleep on itConcentrated on feet or other body part
in contact with device.
When standing, vibration is transferred
to all the joints in the body and has been
shown to cause meniscus and disc
degeneration in long term studies due to
elongation and then compression of skeletal joints
Price Point: $2399.00 with chair and Koss Titanium Pro Headphones for music therapy. $1799.00 to $9995.00
Reference Web Site: HiFiVibe.com

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