SSD522NEO top chair mounting

SSD522NEO ready for mounting

The SSD522NEO Sensory Stimulation Driver represents the latest technology for converting audio signals to 5 Sensory Stimulation effects. Tactile, Haptic, Kinesthetic, Audio and bone conduction.

This patent pending technology utilizes a 52 MGO magnetic structure to impart vibratory information to almost any form of human conveyance, from lounge chairs to sofa’s, floors and car seats, via magnetic mounting.

This small, yet powerful device, provides unmatched High Fidelity excitation  to almost any article. With a footprint of only 5.5″ and 1.5″ tall this device can be used to create a complete sensory immersion effect in all but the smallest of spaces.

The 3D printed, dual domed driver produces accurate signal response for true sinusoidal excitation and can reproduce the vibrational signiture for most musical instruments from bass guitars to violin’s and french horns.  The high damping characteristics of this device will also produce any clinically identified healing frequencies in most articles from massage tables to readily available chairs, sofa’s,  and lounges.

When used in conjunction with home theater equipment, a whole range of sound effects can be felt and heard, adding the missing sensations of real life experiences and creating a new frontier for adding physical effects along with multi channel audio.

Experience total music and movie sensory immersion with the new SSD522NEO from HiFi Wellness.

Entertaining sonic immersion = HiFi Wellness


High fidelity Sensory Stimulation Driver. 52 MGO magnet structure, 3D printed transduction shells and magnetic mounting. True sine wave output for music and healing frequencies.