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Best if played on VSS (Vibro Sensory Stimulation) Table

This recording was composed and played on a Korg Triton III synthesiser using a VSS portable massage table as a tactile monitor/keyboard bench.

Provides Audio, Tactile, Haptic, Kinesthetic and bone conduction sensory stimulation when played back through VSS table and using stereo headset.



A site dedicated to reducing hearing loss.   See bottom of page for link to H.E.A.R and other featured links. Or click here:

4 Table Comparison

New VSST Specifications

upgrade to VSST (Vibro Sensory Stimulation Table)  package.  LG 10 Android Tablet with pre-loaded Hetrodyne Healing Frequencies, Tactile Compositions produced with Violin and Deepmind 12 Synthesizer , Classical, Solfeggio Meditation Music, Chacra Tuning, and some good old Rock and Roll.

Complete, portable, Bluetooth connected “Plug and Play” system with high fidelity SSD522NEO Sensory Stimulation Drivers, on board 200 Watt Tri-Path amplifier, lightweight Pro headphones with separate volume.  Just plug into any 120VAC wall socket, connect to Bluetooth and start music player.

Experience total immersion in entertaining and healthy sound albumartwaves.



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