Sound waves come in all shapes and sizes and forms.

The  Sine wave is the most common wave form in nature with a natural smooth texture which can be seen by tossing a pebble into  water. Sound waves travel in much the same manner in air as in liquid when a speaker cone compresses the air in front of it which cases a succession of waves moving away from the source, much like the waves moving away from the original entry point of the pebble in water.

A major difference in the way sound waves travel in water, which is non compressible, versus air, is that once the wave form is created in water it will travel indefinitely until it encounters an obstacle, flowing current, an other sound wave or thermocline, a temperature gradient.  It is theorized that whales communicated around the globe before the advent of shipping lanes with each vessel creating their own sound waves.

Sound waves in air travel shorter distances due to the compressibility factor of air, with each wave being reduced in energy as it has to compress the next bit of space to travel any further and is affected much the same as a water wave in that it will be modified or reduced when encountering an obstacle or moving air current.

A musical instrument creates sound by displacing air such as striking a drum head, or frequency modulation of air by vibrating reeds or change in the air column by opening and closing holes.  Stringed instruments create sound by transferring the movement of the string into a larger resonant cavity which then displaces air resulting in a complex mix of sine waves moving through the air.

cymatics, visual representation of sound effecting various media.

Square wave, destructive frequencies,  artificially created with electronics, has multiple use in destroying pathogens as seen in this video

Triangle waves or other wave forms may find specific use in the future.

Importance of fidelity in reference to natural wave forms. Most humans have tactile resolution to 2 Hz or 2 cycles per second which is very close to the auditory resolution of 1 Hz or 1 cycle per second.  Any discordance or inaccurate representation of audio versus tactile causes mental and physical stress.

Drivers that are poorly damped create overshoot, loss of control and limited frequency response also known as distortion or noise.  This may limit or impair the natural healing qualities of the vibrational wave and is detectable by the human body as distortion which may cause general discomfort and even nausea or headaches.

Differential frequencies can be utilized in a multi channel vibrational output to create standing waves which can be made to move back and forth in the structure for a massage like effect improving blood and lymph circulation. Differential frequencies can also be used to create high amplitude low frequency beats which can be used to induce stimulation in the brain wave frequencies which usually occur in the 1 Hz to 8 Hz frequency range.