In theory.   When every cell in your body is energized by synchronous Audio and Tactile, Haptic,  Kinesthetic  sensory stimulation (what I term High Fidelity Vibro Sensory Stimulation or just VSS) a harmony or synergy occurs through out the whole body. This synergy is created by whole body VSS in conjunction with or with out a secondary audio source such as headphones or separate speakers.

I have observed through personal use and the use by other collaborators that many physiological and psychological  conditions can be changed in a short time when VSS is utilized in conjunction with specific frequencies and/or select music. These conditional changes can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the individual and the conditional change desired.

The most obvious sign that this is a positive experience is the big smile I  see on peoples faces when they get off the table. I have to honestly say that I take much gratitude in this and that feeling certainly appears to be mutual.

Yesterday I again had the honor to see this transformation occur on many individuals, some with PTSD at the Silent Soldier Military EXPO in Colorado Springs.

While a smile would not be “clinical evidence” of positive change, I believe that it is certainly a good place to start in dealing with any human disease.

I look forward to continuing this research and invite all to share their personal experiences on this blog.

Please let me know how I may be of further service.

Tom Fenner

HiFi Wellness