UpDate: HiFi Wellness to coloborate with Olav Skille

HiFi Wellness

Originally conceived in the late “70’s” as a way to prevent hearing loss without losing the feel, high fidelity tactile sound has been used by the military for recreating the vibrational signature for air craft and ground vehicle virtual training in million dollar F-18A, Apache helicopter and Bradley tank multimedia simulators.  Also used to add multi-sensory integration at Disney and Universal Studios theme parks, ultra high end home theaters and automotive applications. Used for vibration phase cancellation at Boeing aircraft manufacturing facility and in Boeing jetliner museum to recreate actual taxi and flight sensations in a grounded aircraft.

Currently being used as a tool to work with behavior modification programs at public schools.  Tennessee School for the Blind has been using a tactile sound floor for over 15 years as a tool for behavior modification and communication.  The Olympic Synchronized Swim Team and Cirque de Soleil uses yet another derivation of…

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