Now offering High Fidelity Vibro Tactile Sessions at your location  See pricing at bottom of listing.

HiFi Wellness,LLC. is an alternative wellness and health technology venture, founded by inventor  Thomas Clark Fenner Jr.

“I am networking my ability to facilitate Vibro Tactile Stimulation Sessions as an entertaining and plausible therapeutic  experience”.

Multiple clinical trials of Vibro Acoustic Therapy have shown improvement in both mental and physical health for many people.  See the archive on this blog to view the trials and research.
Current Instrument: High Fidelity Portable Vibro Tactile Massage Table incorporating  broadband neodymium tactile drivers, Tripath digital 2Ch amplifier, pro headphones and Bluetooth media connectivity.

Extensive Library of clinically tested healing frequencies including Solfeggio and Vibro Acoustic Therapy frequencies with or without  back ground music.

“My qualifications include over 30 years of experience in research, design, manufacture and integration of high      fidelity tactile sound transducers. Certification as Audio-metric Technician at Colorado Hearing and Speech and Hospital Corpsman US Coast Guard.

These transducers have been utilized to provide sensory stimulation for attractions    at major theme parks, re-create the   vibratory signature of mechanical          events in military simulators, add a sensory element to high end home theaters, provide under water media for the US Olympic Synchronized Swim Team and used as a behavior modification tool at institutions working with blind, deaf, autistic and ADD students”.

“I have personally witnessed the effect of inducing tactile sound in conjunction with      a specific music source to remediate the  behavioral effects of Alzheimer disease”.

Now offering Vibro Tactile Sessions with pre-session evaluation and personalized Vibro Tactile composition. Introductory offer, $65.00 per session at your location plus travel. Please E-mail for details and to schedule a session.